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2019 Theme

2019 - Joan of Arc.jpg

This Year’s Theme - Joan of Arc

       The year is 1428 AD. The Hundred Years' War has devastated the once beautiful landscape and vibrant economy of France. Word has spread that a mere peasant girl has received divine visions of the Archangel Michael instructing her to support the rightful King of France, Charles VII, and to help recover the true lands of France from the scorned English occupiers. Gaining prominence and admiration, King Charles VII has decided to send the young girl to inspire and lead the loyal countrymen of France at the Siege of Orléans.

       A defining battle is imminent. The fate of all of Christendom France is at stake, but only one victor will rule the day. Does your faith inspire you to follow this little-known peasant girl into the firestorm of battle? Will your faith, and the summons of the uncrowned King Charles VII, compel you to offer your allegiance to France at its most desperate time of need, or will you join the brutal and feared English with the promise of loot and glory while they scorn the countryside of France? Only one side will prevail, choose your side wisely!

The history so presented is a play on actual accounts of the events and the biographies 
of the characters involved during this time period.

Themed Weekends:  New!

In addition to this years 2019 Scenario: Joan of Arc, we are thrilled to announced new Themed Weekends!  Visit our Themed Weekends page for all the details.  Huzzah!


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