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The Sarasota Medieval Fair is Back at our New Location!

Welcome one and all to four weekends of exciting tournaments, scrumptious feasts, & pure family fun at the Sarasota Medieval Fair! 

We are so proud to announce the triumphant return of the renowned 18th Annual Sarasota Medieval Fair!  The fair will be November 5th-27th, running every weekend on Saturday and Sunday at our much anticipated and beautiful new returning location, the Woods of Mallaranny! 

For the last 18 years, our team has searched for a location that supported the historic medieval atmosphere that is at the heart of our event.  We hoped to find a place that would inspire the imagination through majestic oak trees, lush meadows of grass, and winding creeks.  This year, we are excited to announce that the search is over, and this dream has become a reality.  The Woods of Mallaranny offers 47-acres of stunning natural surroundings that will bring the fair to life. 

We can already hear the sounds of the Fair: the shouts of “throw wide the gates!”, laughter at our Children’s Realm, cheers during the equestrian tournaments, and the music from wandering troubadours.  And who could forget the aroma of turkey legs and kettlecorn in the air?

This year is a pivotal moment for all of us who cherish the festival as more than just an event. The Sarasota Medieval Fair brings together local artisans, performers, and vendors, and serves as a fundraiser to multiple non-profit organizations. It’s a creative forum for learning about the history of the Medieval era through a wide-range of family friendly activities, and an occasion through which our community has made lasting friendships and lifelong memories. A huge thank you to all our participants and guests who have supported us over the years to help us make this dream come alive!

Join the chronicles of our inaugural adventure at our new location, as we celebrate the wonder, the grandeur, the friendships, and the merriment of this year’s Sarasota Medieval Fair. Mark your calendars and stay up to date on our Facebook page as we announce all the exciting news surrounding this year’s festival.  Visit our Map & Directions page for directions.  Huzzah!

Festival Highlights!

Woods of Mallaranny - NEW LOCATION
Saturdays & Sundays
November 5-27, 2022
10am to 5:30pm, Rain or Shine!

Visit us each weekend as each weekend features a full new line-up of different nationally renowned acts! Plus, don't miss our returning favorites such as the Washing Well Wenches, the Human Combat Chess Match, and full-armored full-contact jousting tournaments held twice daily!

Live the majesty and madness of knights, jesters, minstrels, belly dancers, wenches, and sword swingers!  Watch the full contact joust and human combat chess tournaments!  Ride rides and play games.  Feast on turkey legs and hearty ales from the English pubs. Plus, join in on the fun with this years Viking scenario, the Battle of Assandum, 1016 AD.

We encourage all to interact with our cast of characters, ask questions, and participate in the grandeur of color, sound, taste, and festivities.  Come one and all to four weekends of exciting tournaments, scrumptious feasts, & pure family fun at the Sarasota Medieval Fair!   

Huzzah & Cheers!